The web gateway

One of the elements in the Process Platform is called the Web Gateway. A similar component is used with SAP as well, the WGate: the entry point for everyone that wants to access the SAP application from the internet. With the Process Platform it has the same function. All web service calls that come to the webserver from users and external systems are handed over to the Web Gateway: a component that is installed on the web server during installation. In the training I have a slide that has a picture of a mail sorting room. You can compare it a little to that: if I want to send a letter to a person working for a specific company, I only need to know the address of that company. I don't need to know which room, which floor, which specific desk this person is actually working: when I send it to the address of that company, the mail sorting office will make sure it is distributed to the correct person. That is also more or less what the Web Gateway does: using the namespace in the web service call it will find out in LDAP which Service Group is responsible for handling the call. It is like an invoice coming into the mail room: a simple lookup will make sure that invoice is delivered to the Finance department. Now Finance itself doesn't do anything: it is the people working in Finance that can pick up the invoice. Using the namespace it will not only find the Service Group, but also the available Service Containers and direct the message to one of them to handle the service call. Process Platform has a tool to monitor the performance of the Web Gateway: in the CUSP you can select the "Web Gateway Monitor" to see the statistics. There is a page on the Process Platform Community that will explain all properties you can see and modify using the Cordys Management Console. Of course there is a chapter in the online documentation as well (also found on the community). Last but not least there is a tool to test the Web Gateway.

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