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Krol-ITWorks specializes in OpenText Process Suite, with a strong focus on Process Platform, a.k.a. Cordys. All standard training can be requested: OpenText will then deliver the materials and the training environment. Feel free to contact me about how to best taylor the training to your specific needs. Also training on related technologies are delivered: XML, XML Schema etc. 

Standard training


OpenText offers a set of trainings on OpenText Process Platform,formerly known as Cordys. For a full list and description of all the various courses, please go to 

You will find a full list for business analysts, developers and adminstrators. The course to start with is the Process Platform Fundamentals course. This training will give you a thorough overview of all the main concepts in Process Platform and teach you the basics of designing BPMs and Case Models in this platform. But not only design them, also automate them with web services, user interfaces, business rules etc. You will learn how how setup your development environment and develop your own services, user interfaces and measure your processes through Business Activity Monitoring. 

Custom training


A standard training might not fit each and every customer. Please contact me to setup a training that exactly fits the needs of your team. 

For example: your team has had some training and exposure to the platform before and is now looking for some expert skills in a specific area. Or the participants already are skilled BPM developers, but need to find out more on how this is done in the OpenText Process Platform. 

Together we can taylor the training program to the exact needs of the team. An important question to ask yourself first is: what is it that the participants need to know or be able to at the end of the training? Once we have those goals we can setup a program to get there. 



After the training has ended you might want some help on your first project(s). How to setup the project, make the right design decisions from the start.

Add me as an experienced team membeer to your development team, designing and developing busisness process models and/or case models, user interfaces in XForms or dashboards using BAM. I know the basics of programming, but if your project heavily relies on Java programming, I might not be the perfect match.

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